Cookie Jar Fund

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donate today!

There are several ways you can donate to the Cookie jar.

  • You can help others by clicking on the link to make a donation through PayPal
  • You can make a donation through one of the cookie jars at each FP location
  • You can have donations deducted from your wages by downloading and filling out the pledge form. (Please remember that these donations are not tax deductible.)

nominate a friend

Do you know someone who's in need of assistance? If so, nominate that person to receive help from the Cookie Jar. Those who are eligible are:

  • Functional Pathways employees
  • Employees of facility partners
  • Immediate family members of above

We see your generosity on so many occasions when tragedy strikes, and we know that you believe, as we do, that it is our duty to help those in need. Be part of making someone's life better.

Download the nomination form today and submit it.

our current fundraiser

Current Event FEED THE PIG! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we will be holding a facility wide contest through the month of November to raise money for The Cookie Jar Fund. How it Works: Each facility will be provided with their own personal piggy to personalize as they wish. Both FP employees and facility staff are encouraged to participate. The facility who raises the most coins will receive a $250 Wal-Mart gift card. Official details will be released soon.

Check back often to see what new fundraisers are going on.