Cookie Jar Fund

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who we are & what we do

Because we at Functional Pathways take responsibility for each other, we are more than coworkers—we are a family. Uniting our family is the vision of the Cookie Jar Fund.

We believe that it is our duty and honor to help those who have worked so hard to give back to FP every day. Over the last 15 years, the company and many of its employees have given back to those in need in countless ways. We have all given to national and local organizations, facility fundraisers and to our own employees and peers.

Now we are happy to have our very own charity at FP, one that will benefit our employees and facilities in many ways. The Cookie Jar Fund is a charitable organization created to provide relief and support when tragedy strikes our friends, families and coworkers. Employees of Functional Pathways or employees of facilities where Functional Pathways provide therapy services are eligible to be beneficiaries of the fund.

who benefits

The charity may provide aid to the following:

  • Functional Pathways employees
  • Employees of facility partners
  • Immediate family members of the above


FP will kick-off the charity with their own monthly contribution of $1,000. Donations are not tax-exempt.

  • Employees can have their donations deducted from their wages using the Pledge Form
  • Donations can be made online using the donate link on the left.